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Well, hello there.

Ashley Pratt has over 10 years of experience designing marketing and advertising materials, managing social media, producing photo & video content, project management, copywriting, and scriptwriting. With a passion for all things creative, Ashley has a drive to exceed expectations, whether that be in the form of engaging print advertisements or short video spots for social media or digital advertising. Her technology skills, creativity, and forward-thinking were an asset while working for the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau and she's loved being able to build upon a brand such as Frankenmuth. Ashley currently works as a Web Project Manager for Tempest, a website & marketing agency focused on destinations.


She also has experience in web design and strategy, spearheading two major website overhaul's in her time at the Frankenmuth CVB. Both designs resulted in increased website users, pages per user, and pages per session when compared to the previous site. 


Ashley has a way with people, having gone "viral" on TikTok and earning more than 3 million views on a series of stories she shared, and garnering over 3.5 million combined views on the video content she produced for Frankenmuth, Pure Michigan, TICOM, and MACVB.

In 2020, she partnered with a long-time friend and coworker to build an online business, Spiced Designs, specializing in home organization products. Thanks to the creativity and advertising skills Ashley and her team possess, Spiced Designs generated over $26,000 in revenue within the first six months of operations.

In her spare time, Ashley is usually spending time with her husband and pets (two dogs & a cat!), partaking in some form of art making – whether it be drawing or photography – or traveling to different parts of Michigan and taking in the sights like a tourist, since she was born and raised in Arizona. But don't let that fool you, she's visited more parts of Michigan than some life-long residents can claim.

Let's get connected! Whether you're looking to hash out an idea for a new project, need some guidance on a social media strategy, or something else, I'm always excited to hear a word from someone new.

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